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Woodside Beach is the southernmost access with facilities on Ninety Mile Beach. The beach is located in the centre of this straight, 8 km long, south-east facing section. The waves usually arrive from the south-west to south-east and average 1. These combine with the fine sand to produce a beach with a low slope, fronted by a usually continuous attad inner bar, which is cut by rips during and following higher waves. Seaward of this bar is a continuous 2 m deep trough and an outer bar, which is cut by rips every few hundred metres. Westerly winds both increase the waves and intensify the flow of rip and trough currents to the north. The beach is patrolled by the Woodside Surf Life Saving Club; the newest in the state, being formed in ; and is also backed by parking and picnic areas and a caravan park.

Schmidt and Emil Cuntz, who, indeeded their property to an organization known as the Bricklayers' Cooperative Building Association. The name was later given the more common spelling of Charlottesville. Nichols, divided property in the eastern part of the village and called it Woodside Heights.

Ehrhardt who sold lots in the northern part of the village and the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company which converted two properties on the west side into salable lots. These and other real estate developers profited from their sale of lots to home buyers, but the growth of Woodside's housing market was hardly a smooth upward trajectory and, some 40 years after Hitchcock's first lottery, the village was far from completely saturated with homes.

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A minutely detailed property atlas from shows buildings on considerably less than half of the village's surveyed lots. In the years before the Panic of and again after its close, the wage-earners in many of these low-income families, having been able to improve their skills and obtain higher-paying jobs, began pressing for construction of housing that was better than the tenements but still within their means.

Chief among these circumstances were continued improvements to the public transportation network. With the incorporation of Queens into New York City in and subsequent passage of legislation mandating a five-cent citywide transit fare inWoodside residents had both abundant and inexpensive options for rapid public transportation. In fact the real cost of the five-cent fare declined dramatically during the inflation years of World War I and the s, and it remained in place, despite further inflation, until The commute was ap and short, and during rush hours, the five-cent trip took as little as eight minutes to Times Square.

A second circumstance aiding the influx of upwardly-mobile low-income residents was a dramatic increase in local employment prospects. Although ap, fast, and convenient transit made it possible for workers from Queens to have other-borough jobs, intra-borough employment opportunities were increasingly a realistic option. The waterside regions of Queens had long had substantial industries and businesses that benefited from access to water-borne transport.

These commercial establishments multiplied as rail transportation became increasingly available and, in a virtuous growth cycle, as more prospective employees moved into the borough. Hunters Point, Sunnyside, and other west-Queens communities possessed foundries, rail yards, mical works, and numerous factories, including the famous Steinway Piano factory.

When, inthese communities formed themselves into Long Island City opportunities for employment grew rapidly, so much so that by the turn of the 20th century, the city could boast that it had the highest concentration of industry in all the United States.

The village had long had the city's largest cemetery, Calvary, as a stimulus to local business.

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It also possessed a brewery, a major florist, and many local retail establishments. Inthe Bulova Watch Company established its headquarters there.

Along with good transportation and access to jobs, Woodside possessed many local amenities. It was an attractive place with plentiful open spaces, many trees and wooded areas, healthful air, and an overall pleasant ambiance; one news article in described this as "sylvan beauty", [63] As it had in the other villages, the creation of the Borough of Queens in brought improvements in local government and increased spending on police, roads, schools, and public spaces, to Woodside.

However, Woodside had provided fire protection, sewers, and street lights earlier on, and its transit facilities gave way to a wide variety of retail options. As in nearby communities of the time, religious observance played an important role in the lives of Woodside residents, and its churs both reflected this importance and signaled welcome to prospective newcomers. Its first church, St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal, showed the dominant faith of the area's oldest and most prominent residents.

It was established in by the families of landowners who had farmed there from its earliest settlement as well as by the estate-owning Germanic families that had moved in during the middle decades of the 19th century, including the longstanding Rapelye, Hicks, and Rikers families and the newly arrived Sussdorf, Windmuller, and Kelly families.

Two years later, residents from among the still newer owners of small houses set up a Baptist church. Paul's originally had a small congregation of only 50, with twice that in ; the Baptist church had about the same.

Sebastian, Woodside's first Roman Catholic church, served a considerably larger population upon its foundation. That year, the families of working-class residents, mainly of German descent, convinced the bishop of the Brooklyn Diocese that they should not have to travel to other villages to attend Mass. The number of church members, originallyquickly grew and was reported to be 1, in In addition to its other advantages, prospective home buyers were enticed by Woodside's places of entertainment.

One of its first businesses was a brewery, which had long possessed rooms where men could gather and drink. In the second half of the 19th century it became renowned for its beer gardens and dance halls. At first he earned his living as a shoemaker, and, succeeding in that business, expanded into others.

In he built Sanger Hall-a German-style beer hall, a dance hall, and performance space for German singing societies and theatrical entertainments-and as the Hall thrived, he added dining rooms and even a bowling alley.

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As the 19th century gave way to the 20th, Woodside's plentiful advantages convinced real estate developers to invest substantially in high-occupancy housing and duplex homes to complement the single-family units which had dominated the area. Located near the rail and rapid transit stations, the Woodside Apartments was a row of four-story, semi-detad buildings.

There were four apartments on a floor, most of them having four rooms.

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Consisting of ten five-story buildings, the project had space for four hundred families. During the s and into the post-war era, Woodside residential development continued to grow, although more slowly than in the boom years following World War I. Empty lots continued to be filled with one- and two-family houses, compact apartment buildings continued to be constructed, and larger, elevator-style high-rises were put up. Ina last large tract of undeveloped land was made available for construction of garden apartments when a portion of the acre Windmuller Estate was sold to developers.

A community profile, published incharacterized Woodside along with Winfield, its neighbor to the south as "a district of small homes and middle incomes. Although the rapid population growth of the s had fallen off in the s, the authors of the profile expected improved transit the IND Queens Boulevard Line which opened in and a new shopping center to draw larger numbers of new residents.

The number of single-family houses is given as 2, double-family houses as 1, and larger residential buildings as Inconstruction was completed on the Woodside Houses, a public housing complex built and operated by the New York City Housing Authority. The complex consists of 20 six-story buildings with 1, apartments. At the turn of the 21st century, Woodside was finally seen to be built up. The neighborhood nonetheless continued to be seen as an attractive place to live-characterized by "wide avenues, leafy streets and a mix of private homes, small apartment buildings and the occasional towering co-op.

At the same time, real estate brokers told a news reporter that interest remained strong among families looking for affordable housing near Manhattan. Based on data from the United States Censusthe population of Woodside was 45, an increase of 1, 2. Covering an area of The racial makeup of the neighborhood was Hispanic or Latino of any race were Based on this calculation, as ofWoodside and Sunnyside is considered to be high-income relative to the rest of the city and not gentrifying.

The character of Woodside's population, in terms of national origin, has changed radically over time.

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Its first inhabitants were Native Americans, probably of the Mespeatswho gave their name to the town of Mth. During the nineteenth century, Germans largely took over from these first settlers.

They included men with names like Eberhardt, Groeber, and Schlepergrel. A major turning point in the transition from German to Irish occurred in when the Greater New York Irish Athletic Association formally opened a large athletic complex called Celtic Park on the border between Woodside and Laurel Hill, its neighbor to the south.

Woodside Beach is a rural locality with a popular surf beach in Victoria, Australia. It is approximately 10 km from the town of Woodside, and can be read by the Woodside Beach aestheticsandlasercenter.com of interest surrounding Woodside Beach include Balloong Natural Interest Reserve, Jack Smith Lake and McLoughlins Beach. Woodside Beach is close to the starting point of the Ninety Mile Beach, which . Woodside Beach, Woodside: See 17 reviews, articles, and 24 photos of Woodside Beach, ranked No.1 on aestheticsandlasercenter.com among 4 attractions in Woodside.4,5/5(17). Fishing at Woodside surf beach. April 13, by Charlie Dillow 10 Comments. Saturday was a nice day; no wind, nothing, so when I got up I decided to go fishing by myself. So off I went with blue bait and I took my two fishing rods as well. When I got there I said to myself," I won't catch a fish, no way, but I will give it a shot." I then put some blue bait on my new hooks and went.

Prominent in local as well as city and national affairs, he was called the "grand old man" or "patriarch" of Woodside. Many of these "new Irish" settled in Woodside, where the men found work as construction workers or bartenders while the women worked as waitresses, nannies or domestics.

Toward the end of the 20th century, Irish dominance gradually yielded to a mixture of other nationalities, but even as the neighborhood has seen growth in ethnic diversity today, the area still retains a strong Irish American presence, and there continue to be a number of Irish pubs and restaurants scattered across Woodside. Gradually, Dominicans and other nationalities began to make an appearance in the community, beginning in the late s.

A trend of diversity began then, and has continued since.

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This diversity has been remarked upon by many observers and can be shown in residents' places of worship. For example, the Winfield Reformed Church began in as a Dutch Calvinist church and in became the first Taiwanese congregation in America. Woodside has a strong Muslim community and is home of a large, multipurpose organization, the Islamic Institute of New York.

Among St. It is also home to some of the city's most popular Thai, Filipino, Colombian, and Ecuadorian eateries. Woodside's diversity lends itself to a number of festivals and street fairs. It commemorates Saint Patrick's Day with a parade prior to the famous celebration in Manhattan.

Woodside also hosts several events in the summer, including an Independence Day street fair. A " Little Manila " strets from 63rdst Streets on Roosevelt Avenue, where many Filipino-owned businesses have flocked to serve Woodside's large Filipino American community; the neighborhood is known for its concentration of Filipinos.

Filipino restaurants dominate the area, as well as several freight and remittance centers scattered throughout the neighborhood. Other Filipino-owned businesses including professional services medical, dental, opticaldriving schools, beauty salons, immigration services, and video rental places providing the latest movies from the Philippines dot the community.

This area attracts many local Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike and from neighboring places of Long Islan ConnecticutPennsylvaniaand New Jersey. Pat's for All Parade. Patrick's Day parade by the Ancient Order of Hibernians.

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Patrick's Day Parade on Fifth Avenue. When New York City Mayor Dinkins intervened on their behalf, ILGO members were allowed to march for that one time, but their presence was received with hostility from other marrs as well as the spectators, who openly hurled abuse at them and doused with beer. Patrick's' Parade in Manhattan; inthe U.

S Supreme Court rules in Hurley v. Irish-American Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Group of Boston that private citizens organizing a public demonstration may not be compelled by the state to include groups who impart a message the organizers do not want to be presented by their demonstration. In the wake of these court rulings, Brendan Fay founds the Lavender and Green Alliance LAGwhich organizes an inclusive event "open to anybody who wished to celebrate the spirit of Irishness and their connections to Ireland" and name it "St.

Pat's for All. The creation of the St. People of various cultures and backgrounds attend this parade for significant. In the inaugural year ofthe parade attracted over 70 groups of people, including the Korean community honoring the important role that Irish nuns had played in their education, Chilean folk musicians honoring Bernardo O' Higgins, the founding father and first president of Chile, and the son of an Irish immigrant, children and their puppets, the Sunny Side Drum Corps, and LGBT organizations.

Woodside parade stands out because it welcomes anyone who wearing of green regardless of race, creed or sexual orientation. It was the first parade since the first St. Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Pat's for All Parade celebrated its 20th anniversary on March 3, The incarceration rate of 63 perpeople is lower than that of the city as a whole.

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The th Precinct has a lower crime rate than in the s, with crimes across all categories having decreased by The precinct reported 2 murders, 12 rapes, 90 robberies, felony assaults, burglaries, grand larcenies, and grand larcenies auto in As ofpreterm births are more common in Woodside and Sunnyside than in other places citywide, but births to teenage mothers are less common.

In Woodside and Sunnyside, there were 90 preterm births per 1, live births compared to 87 per 1, citywideand The concentration of fine particulate matterthe deadliest type of air pollutantin Woodside and Sunnyside is 0.

Woodside is covered by the ZIP Code Woodside and Sunnyside generally has a slightly higher ratio of college-educated residents than the rest of the city as of. Woodside and Sunnyside's rate of elementary school student absenteeism is less than the rest of New York City.

Woodside contains the following public schools:.

There are also several private schools, including:. As in other parts of New York City, centuries of tumultuous change have not totally obliterated old landmarks. Woodside also possesses an ancient tree, not the great stnut which was gone by the end of the 19th century but a large copper beech of somewhere between and years' age. Documents in the archive of the Queens Historical Society suggest that it might have been planted during the time of the Revolutionary War.

Among the oldest of Woodside's historic landmarks are its cemeteries. Calvary Cemetery was founded in by trustees of Manhattan's St.

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Patrick's Cathedral for Roman Catholic burials and was later expanded by the addition of three sections comprising New Calvary. Established init is one of the oldest cemeteries in New York. Only fifteen graves remain visible, the earliest dated The Bulova Corporation has its headquarters in northern Woodside along Interstate Although few have been documented, some of Woodside's old buildings still remain in place.

Woodside Beach Road, Woodside, Victoria Australia. Best nearby. 0 Restaurants within 5 miles. 2 Other Attractions within 5 miles. Reeeves Beach (4) 2 mi. Beas. Jack Smith Lake State Game Reserve (2) mi. Nature & Wildlife Areas. 17 Reviews 0 Q&A. Reviews. Write a review. Traveler rating. Excellent 10; Very Good 5; Average 0; Poor 1; Terrible 1; Traveler type. Families; Couples ; Solo 4,5/5(17). Woodside Beach is the southernmost access with facilities on Ninety Mile Beach. The beach is located in the centre of this straight, 8 km long, south-east facing section. The waves usually arrive from the south-west to south-east and average m. These combine with the fine sand to produce a beach with a low slope, fronted by a usually continuous attad inner bar, which is cut by rips. Woodside is a residential and commercial neighborhood in the western portion of the borough of Queens in New York City. It is bordered on the south by Mth, on the north by Astoria, on the west by Sunnyside, and on the east by Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, and East Elmhurst. Some areas are widely residential and very quiet, while other parts, especially the ones around Roosevelt Avenue, are.

Of those for which information is available, Woodside's first church, St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal, holds pride of place. It was damaged by fire in but still stands in its original location. An article published on the Forgotten NY weblog in lists this and other interesting structures from 19th century Woodside which have survived. Another article on this blog shows structures from the early 20th century that are still standing.

The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway I is a major highway passing through the area, serving Woodside via exits 39 through 43, as is the Long Island Expressway I via exit From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Winfield, Queens. For other places with the same name, see Woodside disambiguation. Neighborhood of Queens in New York City. Neighborhood of Queens. More details. Town of Newtown. Excursion XI.

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City History Club. It shows locations in Woodside and surrounding areas of Queens in the midth-midth centuries along with streets, railroads, and trolley lines from the year in which it was made Modern Woodside is shown as "Woodside" and "North Woodside. This map shows the area that would become Woodside, bounded in the west by Middletown and Dutch Kills shown as "Kills" in the detailin the south by English Kills and Mth, and in the east by the Village of Newtown shown as "Vill" in the detail.

Woodside's northern boundary is approximately the top border of the map. The "Great stnut Tree" was actually located on the west side of the road where it is shown. The house, sited on high point not far from the Great stnut Tree in Woodside, lay on nine acres of land with gardens laid out by Frederick Law Olmsted. Owned by Louis Windmuller, German immigrant, New York merchant, financier, and philanthropist, the estate was one of the last in Woodside to be sold for development.

In the City acquired most of the property for a park to be called Windmuller Park and in the heirs sold the remainder to a developer for construction of garden apartments. The place known as "suicide's paradise" lay on the west side of the neighborhood. The photo shows that Woodside retained some portion of its rural character even at the end of the 19th century.

This postcard shows the abrupt turn in the trolley line in Woodside at Woodside and Kelly Avenues. The photographer is standing on Woodside, looking north on Kelly. The house at left is a typical Hitchcock four-room dwelling.

This map shows streets, lots, and structures within Ward 2, encompassing the village of Woodside.

  Woodside Beach. Post by Brett Wed Apr 04, pm I'm heading down to Woodside Beach on Sat and returning on Sun. I grew up in the area, yet never fished the beach lol Any info from guys that have been down that way before would greatly appreciated:thumbsup: or if you are going to be down that way, maybe we'll bump into each other. Top. bradp Rank: Cephalopod Joined: .

As the key shown here indicates, it also gives elevation above high water, location of hydrants, rail and trolley lines, width of streets, and other data.

This extract from a news article summarizes a sensational murder committed in a rented Woodside cottage on June 23, The victim, his murderer, and the murderer's accomplice were all German, but none were Woodside residents.

The case is considered a landmark not in American jurisprudence but in the history of yellow journalism. Further information: Filipinos in the New York City metropolitan region. A descendant of Windmuller's has written extensively about him and his life in Woodside.

See the Louis Windmuller and Woodside labels on the Secondat weblog. Retrieved April 7, Accessed June 16, Accessed June 14, The New York Times. Retrieved January 22, New York City Police Department. Retrieved October 3, Accessed May 5, Excursion planned for the City history club of New York, No. The annals of Newtown, in Queens County, New York; containing its history from its first settlement, together with many interesting facts concerning the adjacent towns.

New York: D. Mth Chamber of Commerce. Retrieved March 22, The Algonquian series. Retrieved January 5, Innes March 24, Newtown Register. Historical Guide to the City of New York. Stokes Company.

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Retrieved January 4, Seyfried; William Asadorian Old Queens, N. Courier Dover Publications. Retrieved February 15, Retrieved January 10, Brennan March Retrieved January 30, Innes March 17, New York: W. Queens Public Library. Archived from the original on October 14, June 27, Retrieved July 8, II April.

Newtown Pentacle. Retrieved January 21, New York City Parks. Historical Signs Project. City of New York.

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Parks and Recreation. Sebastian Parish: ". Sebastian Roman Catholic Church. Retrieved January 19, Brooklyn Daily Star. September 27, July 22, Retrieved March 23, Retrieved February 12, Poston Univ of South Carolina Press.

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Retrieved February 13, Long Island Genealogy. Idell The new metropolis; memorable events of three centuries; from the island Mana-hat-tan to Greater New York at the close of the nineteenth century.

Appleton and Co. Arrt's Arrchives. Retrieved January 17, Garden City, Long Island. Retrieved January 16, Queens Borough. Borough of Queens [official site]. Archived from the original on December 18, A Walk Through Queens.

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Educational Broadcasting Corporation. Tim Riker World. Long Island Daily Star. March 24, Queens Historical Society. Harris; Landmarks Planning Commission. New York City Bureau of the Census. Retrieved February 7, August 1, Miscellaneous Matters in Gotham. Hartford Weekly Times February Kelly". The Sun. Long Island. May 9, Pictorial History of the War for the Union.

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Woodside Beach Road, Woodside, Victoria Australia. Best nearby. 0 Restaurants within 5 miles. 2 Other Attractions within 5 miles. Reeeves Beach (4) 2 mi. Beas. Jack Smith Lake State Game Reserve (2) mi. Nature & Wildlife Areas. 17 Reviews 0 Q&A. Reviews. Write a review. Traveller rating. Excellent 10; Very Good 5; Average 0; Poor 1; Terrible 1; Traveller type. Families ; Couples; .   Woodside Beach Gippsland detecting the beach, no treasure to be found today, but I cleaned out a few items which were buried up to 30cms down. The Author: DaemonLlama. See Whats on at the Woodside Beach SLSC over Christmas. 27th December to the 4th January Meals, Food Vans and Bar open from 5pm Daily from the 27th December. Please feel free to share. Woodside Beach Caravan Park. December 20, BBQ + drinks this Saturday at WOODSIDE BEACH SURF LIFE SAVING CLUB please share to support our local surf life savers ? Woodside Beach .

October 27, Congress of Beauty and Culture. February 11, August 20, December 28, Riker are short-erecting a large building". January 24, Supreme Court, Queens County. January 21, New York Daily Tribune. March 10, Newtown Register March Daily Star, Queens Borough. A moderately safe beach under average conditions; beware during strong winds when waves and rips intensify. Stay between the flags as 10 people are rescued here each year.

Usually low to moderate beach breaks, with shape depending on the bars. Best during moderate swell and light north to westerly winds. A popular fishing spot, with occasional rip holes in the inner bar, and the long trough separating the bars.

Woodside is a relatively quiet location with just the caravan park and surf club. However it does offer good access to the beach and a moderately safe patrolled beach.

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