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You run the risk of exchanging numbers with a psycho who would consider leaving missed calls to be acceptable behaviour. Because of this, girls are more reluctant to hand over their digits. It creates a higher barrier to entry and a bigger commitment than an IG follow. So unless you make an awesome first impression, expect a girl to give you a fake number, or just straight up reject you. Girls love the prospect of a new Insta follower to bump their numbers.

I was in the same spot 23 years ago.

My husband's children are now 28 and They are both totally messed up and the younger, a girl, has been estranged from my husband for 3 years. His ex is a sociopath and the daughter is on the verge.

Barstow High School - What would you tell your EX?- PUBLIC INTERVIEW?

Be sure you really love your man if you have an inkling that his ex is really crazy, otherwise RUN!!!.

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