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Welcome to LetsHangOut. Meet dating singles in Cypress, TX and areas nearby 50 miles. Register for a free account, signup only takes seconds! Click here to sign up! Are you single in Cypress? We are not a paid dating site , so you have nothing to lose.

Michael, the only thing I am disappointed with is the occasional use of bad language throughout these comments. Other than that, I have always stated that I will allow fair comment exchanges on this site. I will only remove spam comments.

Cypress Bay Solutions provides best-in-class, turn-key electronic payment solutions for small business. Competitive Pricing. Custom-tailored solutions that include the hardware you want with rates you can afford. GO!! Mobile & Wireless. Take the transaction to your customer with our mobile and wireless terminals. Cypress Dating. likes. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Welcome on CodyCross Solutions website. This website is dedicated on providing answers and solutions for the CodyCross Application. We have solved almost every clue of this crossword game and have posted them here in an easy way to navigate. CodyCross has 2 main categories which are: Adventure and Packs.

We do many plugin reviews and this is the only post which has repeatedly generated this kind of feedback. We are here to inform people and help the WordPress community, and not to take sides unless there is a clear case of abuse or irregularity from one party.

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I suggest that developers read the following post by Pippin Williamson, one of the most respected plugin developers in the community. Rather than empty threats or slander, when there is a problem lets try to be more humble, accept that everyone makes mistakes, and reach an amicable solution. Trolls will be trolls i believe that datingsolutions. Just want to buy dating solutions plugins but I quited becuase of your reviews.

Thank you very much for your reviews.

Dating Solutions is crap. It does not function properly and the support forum seems fake. I have decided to build it myself after trying to play around with Dating Solutions for way too long. He needs a fully functioning product with set-up details.

Ryan, can you help me with building my dating site? I purchased a dating site template and uploaded to my wordpress account. NOW i dont know how to edit most of it! I really need some help from a pro! Michael goes above and beyond just supporting his software by being patient to give me the guidance I need in the outer arenas such as hosting and marketing.

So here we have a genius who invented this top notch software that puts others to shame, with the heart to charge such a fair price for the license to use it, and the integrity of character to be such a fast, hands on helper. Anyone who buys this software will be blessed abundantly! A dating plugin for Word Press stands in own class but the support that comes with it is truly, the icing on the cake.

Bottom line is that we have thousands of happy customers. Michael, I had cked out the plugin a while ago and had come to that conclusion. One thing that bothers me however is the way you attack people that say anything apart from praise for your plugin. This time you go as far as saying that the reviews on this site are fake.

In a recent conversation the topic of dating solutions for WordPress cropped up. A friend wanted to build a ni dating website and asked me if I knew of any good solutions for this, based on WordPress. My first instinct was to direct her towards BuddyPress, but the truth is that it may not be so easy for BuddyPress to be converted into a dating site. May 08,   Cypress Academy is an in-home tutoring company. The company offers a range of tutoring services: standardized test preparation, academic subject tutoring, and college essay and application guidance. It provides these services to students in the 5/5(3). Industrial Solutions. Become an Industry pioneer with the most-secure and reliable MCU, wireless and memory solutions. Go > Consumer Solutions. Bring IoT wearables and smart-home devices to life with Cypress' secure, low-power MCU and wireless solutions. Go.

If I were going to purchase from you, I would ask myself if this is the kind of person I want to be dealing with. As much time as the owner spends commenting and attacking people he could have developed a product that works.

There are no other plugins to be competition for him so there is no reason for people to post fake reviews. He is a one man show selling a false product.

I bought the dating plugin and laund my site singles. Dating Solutions also has a great support forum where you can get answers to questions you have fast and talk to other dating site owners using the plugin. On top of that they constantly ate there plugin with fixes and new features.

If you think your instantly going to be rich, your wrong, Just like any business it takes time, money and dedication. Keep in mind when I laund my dating site I was broke, hungry and working part time jobs. If you have your life together and some expendable income then you could really do this. The first thing I did was get my site set up so it looked decent and worked.

Then I bought some stock photos for the front page that complemented my sites ni market. The next extremely important step was getting a professional logo made.

Having a professional logo says a lot to the people visiting the site. After my site was setup and looking nice I needed to get members on board. Instead of creating fake profiles I decided to keep the site free until I had a decent amount of members.

Further, all members of this dating site MUST be 18 years or older. M4M Hookups is part of the dating network, which includes many other general and gay dating sites. As a member of M4M Hookups, your profile will automatically be shown on related gay dating sites or to related users in the network at no additional charge.

has online communities for everything and you can target each community. I let people know in my ad that the site was brand new and free and people began joining. On top of that I worked on my seo and little by little members started rolling in. I would also run ads on Google Adwords. Keep i mind I had very very little extra money to advertise my site and with more money I could have grown a lot faster in a shorter amount of time.

There of course are other options out there such as Buddypress or the Sweet Date theme but those are severely limited in terms of features, options and support. Keep in mind, people are not joining a social network, there joining a dating site and want to meet people, not post funny pictures of memes etc. The dating plugin is built for dating and keeping the users active. Feel free to contact me by using the contact form on singles. I fully stand behind this product and recommend it to anyone looking to start a dating site with WordPress.

I did extensive research both far and wide and found that Dating Solutions Software provided me with what I needed! My appreciate goes out to the support team at Dating Solutions. I am in the process of creating a dating website and my designer asked me to take a look at this plugin.

I hear so many negative and positive reviews. Please let me know if you have taken a look at it and if you recommend to purchase it. I am inclining to buy this plugin for the simple reason that I like to own my own website and control it in my own.

A question I have is this: With this plugin, once I buy it, do they have any owneship on my dating site business?

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I want to be really clear of that before I make my purchase. Thank you everyone and hope to get some advise soon ad my designers are waiting on my answer to start building the site. This will be a wordpress site front end linked to this plugin.

Coded by hand, in America 7 Californians.

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Jean, in one of your responsed to Dating Solutions you ask them that in the case that they had done major changes to their plugin, that you wanted to take a look at it again. Did you have a chance to do that? Not anything that hooks into Dating Solutions. I register my domain name with godaddy and in in the process of buying the wordpress to start my site they said i would do it myself.

I want to start of small and free and adjust monthly then gradually move to a dedicated server, so for now I will use godaddy shared server. I was also told if i am going this way to also get the dating solution plugin, so I have been doing some research on this the last few days.

I need help. I am in the process to install the plugin but have not yet published. Still working on it. Trying to go around that and see if I can make is work. Which version of WordPress are you using and do you have access to your cPanel or hosting panel? Some hosting providers may start your php. Many elements of a dating site has the same ones as a social network.

As far as match making and such, you just need to spend some time researching how you could go about adding that using the many resources even if outdated available. But it has a lot of features a clean look and its pretty popular. Almost 2 thousand downloads on theme Forrest. Then theres lovestory which is also a themeoforrest theme Its also pretty nice.

Dating solutions seems pretty good too. Either of these themes plugins are worth a try. Oops the only third party lovestory uses is woocommerce which is for subscription. Still a very light weight theme. Can you be more specific? What your issue becuae the product does not work or more of a personal level? I can see that the guy may need some customer service skills, but that can be dealt with.

Please explain summarize your issue so we know what the problem is. Hey John and Paco, you guys sound like trolls. Just like that weirdmike guy. I have the dating plugin and my experience has been really cool.

You just look silly. That is their public development site. They sent us a link to show what the new 4. The new profile look is so much better than the one they have now. Then he started threatening me and my partner saying he was going to smash our reputation online.

This makes it very hard for new people that are considering buying the software to make a desicion. Coming from having a developer quote me quite a bit of money and finally finding out the hard wayt that they did not have the training and knowledge they claimed to have and not finishing the product they promised to delivered, I say this software is 10 times aper of what I have already lost and with nothing in return.

I think with minor customizations and few changes, you can make this really work. I saw the new version coming up this week for upgrade and it looks better that the current I would say. We have the new version that came out this week. Our experience has been pretty cool. As for the customer service? We saw the screen shots of the new stuff and it looked pretty nice. So, we waited. It was worth the wait. Others were unresponsive and more expensive. Kudos DatingSolutions! Does that make me a troll too?

Have you seen any communications between any of us and Dating Solutions to back up your claim? Do you have any proof whatsoever that what any of us are saying is false? When I made the purchase I asked a seven questions before buying to plugin for what it was I was looking for and Michael Allen said yes to 6 of them. Followed through on 2. He just wanted to sell me the plugin. I had the plugin for about a few weeks and tried working with it. I tried workarounds and everything.

Michael Allen is a piece of shit. If you To this day, the plugin is still a piece of shit. We can settle this like men.

But after I have purchase I ran into problems with the code. So I make contact through their support forum. But they keep saying the source code are working. Seems that DatingSolutions. It was done via their DealFlow area. Both release 4. Thanks Jean for this great review page.

Assuming all the comments here are all legit, it is amazing that there could be such satisfied and un-satisfied people with this product. So, now a new company owns Dating Solutions?

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I guess the Michael Allen guy is out of the picture? There is no way I could afford that, so I would think this would be perfect to use to see if I can even successfully market my site and get members.

Cypress - URL related commands - Part 4

Down the road I could always have a scratch site built if membership numbers are high enough. However, there are certain specific features I need. I have not received a reply to my email sent yesterday.

Hope I get a response soon. I think you left a VM message which I will follow up in your morning time. Has anyone got full installation guide for this plugin please? I found out templates not same as on demo version. It seems template needs a lot customisations. Also how do we translate it to different languages? I want it to be multi languages. Can anyone help please? Has anyone got full installation guide for this? The home page template is same as demo.

I hope that make it clear for you. I bought a dating solution from a company called Wazzum Dating Software and the Company seem to have vanished. Anyone knows where I can find them ??.

The dating script is designed especially for the entrepreneurs who want to start their own dating website.

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Actually i did not get any problem to using it. I have the same question as Big Jon Stud. I read all this hoping to find some alternative at the end of this Dating Tunnel rant and came away with nothing but a whiplash from shaking my head in amazement. So, Jean, Have you had the chance to take a look at the plugin again, whats your thought? For those interested in this plugin, let me give you my experience. We bought the dating plugin from datingsolutions.

We immediately ran into issues. We provided the company with our hosting details and they never looked at it. They simply sent us a previous version and told us to use that. They had our details and list of bugs for almost a month and never even tried to correct them.

They simply sent us a new version without even testing it to ensure that it had corrected the bugs. The end result is that we lost a lot of down time and money because of this plugin. We asked for a refund and told us that we could not have it. This plugin does not work with that theme. The dating plugin is not hence the issues you will have with it.

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You will run into issues the very minute you install it. Unfortunately there are no other alternatives to this. They are the only WP dating plugin provider that is a plugin.

That is what turned us on with the dating plugin by datingsolutions.

Cypress dating solutions

So what are the basic requirements for a dating plugin in ? What if someone had to start building one the right way, from scratch? What would you ask him to build? That would be helpful for developers including myself who are not familiar with dating websites in order to build a better solution. We appreciate you continuing the conversation here. We provide free support and we help our customers meet the requirements of their dating sites as far as possible.

For this, we ate our plugin with new feature additions, remove unwanted features and fix bugs that are reported to us. You have that screenshot in the email that we sent you. That was the point when you decided to refuse our services when we are stilling willing to fix your problem.

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Also, there was the need of fixing your site because we had just released the new version and were still in process of bug fixing. And we sent you the link of older version because you wanted to launch your site and as you requested, we wanted it to use stable version. That too was an option for you as we provide ated versions for free to our customers. Oh wait, you have one success?

The company has been around for five years and you have one success? You had ample time to fix the bugs and you chose not to. You had them for for a month. I stand behind my statement that this plugin will not get you a real dating site. There are other solutions out there like whiteboxdating.

There is datingfactory. The reviews till the end of on WPMajor gave a good impression how the plugin used to be and are in-line with what we discovered after the take over. In our 2 monthly releases we add many new features and improvements. Well, in my opinion, it is a very bad idea to build a dating site on WordPress.

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WordPress is not for that and it can also be very dangerous to base a such Web service on WP. Finally, Everyone knows that WP is very famous we know a lot of popular blogs running on WPbut do you know any popular dating site running on it There is zero!

If you still want to build a Web dating business, Recently I discovered a professional dating site builder. I just test it on local and and was doing its job very well and looks really good and professional. Hi, If you want a free plugin for professional dating website, try the Rencontre plugin : A free powerful and exhaustive dating plugin with private messaging, webcam chat, search by profile and automatic sending of email.

A very powerful and flexible free plugin. I bought the multisite version with russification for my client. The solution is slow specially their chat and members conversation and not working in Russian at all. The support team just ruined my site and translated it back to English. Lost my client, lost my money. They have no money return policy, whatever bad experience you have.

They wrote it on their site. Please avoid my mistakes and save your money before it is too late!!! Share if you care for your friends not loosing their money! I am sure they have got one for you. They responded on my first, but never got back to me on my subsequent email.

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I was going to buy the multisite version if thats how they respond to potential customers, what will they support look like after I purchase the plugin? Thanks for all the comments here guys!! We are specialist in custom E-Cigarette boxes at your own desire.

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Get our e cigarette boxes are enough to show your style. One of the questions was: can I use the stripe plugin instead of paypal. It is available for purchase. What they did not tell me was: Stripe does NOT have the same features as paypalwhich I did not discover until after setting up my website. With Stripe, you cannot use: discount codes, free trials, or recurring payments in any meaningful way.

The plugin also produced a substandard UI which, of course, they offered to fix for an extra fee. Can you please wait for them to be done in the next couple of days?

We will not provide you a refund until you remove the review from Trustpilot. First, we have not lied anything to anyone. We have got our demo sites with its credentials on our live site. As well as our support team shows our demo site before a user buys, so they can be clear and confident about what they will be receiving in the package.

We do not sugarcoat anything just to sell a product. We believe and focus on long-term business rather than just selling our products for short-term profit. We clearly know and follow that solving issue and providing support to our customer is our primary objective.

There is nothing to lie here. Again, our ex-client became furious for delivering one day after the deadline. He was not ready to accept that so again we tried to console him that this was the NEW FEATURE addition in our add-ons, so we require a couple of days for compatibility testing and to confirm that it meets our company standard. We have done everything that he requested so for that reason we denied him his refund request.

In this situation, we had a valid reason. We have clearly stated this in our terms and condition too. After his malicious behavior, our board member decided to give him the refund because we can fully focus on giving support to existing customer. We already gave him refund but he still tries to harm our reputation. We agree that Stripe did not have the features that he wants, but we have added the features as per his request.

We did everything that he said and now he got the refund too. Even after that if he tries to bully us with fake reviews, we have nothing to prove.

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We are the legitimate organization that becomes happy when our clients make their dating site with our Dating Software and succeed in their business. His mission might be to harm us, but our mission is to provide excellent service to our customer. Thank you! Please ck your inbox to confirm your subscription. WordPress Forum Plugins. Posted in Plugins Tagged dating pluginsdating software wordpress.

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Here are my experiences with DatingSolutions. Ryan singles. Amber, your response makes no sense to me and is confusing as all hell. Amber May 26, at Permalink Reply. Marcin July 26, at Permalink Reply.

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Factories and machinery are getting smarter, and our solutions are at the heart of this transformation. Standing up to harsh conditions and meeting the most exacting standards is a given. We're enabling the connected, high-performance systems of tomorrow. Cypress provides data connectivity you can depend on when you need it most. From delivering mission-critical information from remote and mobile locations in real time, to reinforcing your communications and payment systems so your team never misses a beat, our highly customizable solutions become a powerful backbone for your operations. Meet dating singles in Cypress, TX and areas nearby (50 miles). View and chat with local dating profiles and personals on our free Cypress dating site or use the links below to view nearby single men and women elsewhere in Texas. Local Single Women Local Single Men is a free online dating site.

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