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Jun 8, Gazetteer. Albion - A post town, the capital of Edwards county, situated on section 2, of township 2 south, in range 10, east of the third principal meridian, 40 miles southwest of Vincennes, and southeast of Vandalia. It was laid out 3 years since by Messrs. Birbeck and Flowers, and is principally inhabited by English emigrants. It contains 4 or 5 stores, a market, a mill, and a population of upwards of The situation of this place is high and healthy, being little subject to those diseases which are so prevalent in many parts of this state during the summer and autumn.

That whereas the said Daniel Cutright heretofore brought the said Major who was then a slave the property of said Cutright in the said State of Illinois by reason whereof the said Major claims a right to his freedom.

Now for the settlement of all controversy it is agreed that the said Major shall serve the said Daniel Cutright faithfully for the term of two years as follows, he is to live with said Cutright from now until the 25th day of December next and after that time until the expiration of two years from this date the Said Cutright is to hire out said Major at some good place if he chooses within the limits of Sangamon County and is to receive the hire for the time above specified and at the expiration of the said term of two years the said Daniel Cutright is bound to give him up and suffer him for the remainder of his life to go, be and remain free and unmolested and the said Cutright binds himself not to remove said Major out of the limits of Sangamon County.

Before me, the Undersigned, Clerk of the Sangamon County Commissioners Court personally came Daniel Cutright and Major a man of color who are known to me to be the real persons who and in whose name there foregoing instrument of writing was executed and acknowledged their signatures thereto to be their free and voluntary act and deed for the purpose therein expressed.

Personally came and appeared Lewis A. Collier residing in the Paris of Concordia in this State who produced and exhibited unto me a certain document purporting to be an act or Deed of Emancipation of Slaves executed under private signature the thirteenth August eighteen hundred and forty one at St.

Clair County, State of Illinois and required of me to make record of the same in my Current Register, and in Compliance with said Request I have Transcribed said Document the same being in the words and figures following viz. Know all Men by these presents that I Lewis A. Collier of Concordia Parish in the State of Louisiana for a good and valuable consideration do hereby manumit, emancipate and set at liberty one Mulatto woman called Nancy aged about thirty five years and Mother of the hereinafter mentioned Liza and henry-Also a one Mulatto man called Albert aged about thirty years the Husband of Liza and the father of Caroline and Francis hereinafter mentioned-Also a mulatto girl called Liza aged about Twenty three years-Also the Two mulatto children of Liza called Caroline aged about four years and Francis aged about three years.

Henry, Nancy and Liza being the same purchased by me from William H. Goodin and Henry N. Templeman of Richmond City Virginia and also were raised by a Mr. Goodin of Fredericksburgh in Virginia. Albert was Purchased by me from John P. Witness my hand and seal this thirteenth day of August in the year Collier declared and acknowledged that this Deed of Emancipation was signed by him in the State of Illinois St. Clair County on the thirteenth August and that the Slaves therein named were at that date of Emancipation in said State of Illinois that said Deed was Executed in presence of the subscribing witness Henry W.

Moore, that the foregoing emancipated slaves are now on his plantation on Lake St. John, in the said Parish of Concordia, State of Louisiana, as free persons, and are entitled to all Civil privileges as such with faculty to emigrate to any of the free States without Molestation at any time they may think fit so to do-Done and passed at New Orleans this Seventh February eighteen hundred and forty three in presence of Herman Lucas and Carlile Pollock Junior Witnesses who have signed their names with said appearer and me Notary H.

Lucas C. Pollock Jr Signed Lewis A. I Certify the foregoing to be a true copy of the original act on Record in my office New Orleans this 8th February Coloured Man states in pension? David Jarret. Dear Sir after compliments to you in your address to James M. Mungrum in your letter and to assist his mother in obtaining a copy of the freedom of Jamerson Jenkins which I Ezra Gill of the County and State aforesaid do hereby certify that the Mother of Jamerson Jenkins is known hear by the name of Nancy Jenkins formerly now married to a free man by the name of Stephen Harris and I the said Ezra Gill one of the acting Justices of the Peace in and for the County and State aforesaid do further certify that the son of the above Nancy Jenkins was known by me to be a freeman of colour and further certify that I gave him a permit to leave this Country for him to make a visit to Gilford County some time in the summer of In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the day and date above written.

I Peleg S. In its vicinity are several distilleries, and saw and grist-mills. Some time since, a small quantity of native copper was found on the highlands, a short distance east of this place. A shaft was sunk in ; but in consequence of some untoward circumstances, was shortly after abandoned, and has not since been worked. About 5 miles east of this place there is a salt-lick, near which were found, about twenty years ago, fragments of vessels, which appeared to have been about four feet square, two or three feet deep, and one inch thick.

They were made of clay, sand and shells, were very hard, and appeared to have been used as salt kettles.

This Sliding Bar can be switd on or off in theme options, and can take any widget you throw at it or even fill it with your custom HTML Code. Source: Shawneetown, A Chapter in the Indian History of Illinois by Norman W. Caldwell, in Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society vol. 32, Glenn Black Laboratory of Archaeology Modern map showing the location of. Illinois adopts its first state flag, with a modified version including the word "Illinois" being adopted July 1, 7: 7: Fluorite is designated as the official state mineral. In Illinois, it is mined almost exclusively in Pope and Hardin Counties in an area known as the Illinois .

Louis, and 85 miles southwest of Vandalia. It rises in township 12 north, in range 1, east of the fourth principal meridian; runs a westerly course for some distance, then turns to the southwest, and empties into the Mississippi on the left side, in section 14 of township 10 north, in range 6, west of the fourth principal meridian. It is about 50 miles in length, a considerable part of which is navigable. The lands bordering on this stream are generally prairie. For some distance below its mouth, the banks of the Mississippi are very low, and subject to annual inundation.

Horse creeka small stream of Randolph county. It rises in township 4 south, in range 9, west of the third principal meridian, and running a southerly course, empties into the Kaskaskia on the right side, in section 12 of township 5 south, in range 8, west of the third principal meridian. Hurricane fork of Kaskaskia riverrises near the sources of the south fork of the Sangamo, and running a southerly course, empties into the Kaskaskia on the right side, twelve mi1es below Vandalia.

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The banks of this stream are mostly well timbered, but in many places subject to inundation. It not unfrequently happens, that a rain of two or three hours renders this stream impassible; its fall, however, is generally as sudden as its rise. Illinois bounty tractsee Mi1itary bounty tract. Illinois citya town of St. Clair county, located inon a part of the common fields of the village of Cahokia.

The lots were distributed among the inhabitants of the village, and were confirmed to them by an act of congress passed in No improvement has as yet been made on the premises. The town is laid out on the prairie, a short distance from Cahokia. Illinois lakean expansion of the Illinois river, commencing at Fort Clark, two hundred miles above its junction with the Mississippi, and extending in a northerly direction about twenty miles.

It receives its name from the circumstance of its being wider than the river, and having scarcely any current. The name given to it by the Indians, is Pin-a-tah-wee; on account of its being frequently covered with a scum which has a greasy appearance.

The water of the lake is clear, and its bottom gravelly. These fish are so abundant, that they form an important article of export. The shore of the lake in many places is sandy; the descent gradual, and unobstructed by trees, affording every facility for carrying on an extensive fishery. Independencea town in Bond county, situated on a bluff, one hundred and sixty yards from the right bank of the Kaskaskia river, on the northwest quarter of section 19, of township 4 north, in range 1; west of the third principal meridian.

Dating timeline in shawneetown illinois

The situation of this place is very unhealthy, being surrounded by a number of stagnant ponds and marshes. The town is laid out on a very extensive scale, but no improvements have as yet been made on the ground.

It only exists on paper, and constitutes a part of the speculating medium of the state. It was laid out during the time of the town-making mania, and a few of the lots were sold to those who were either ignorant of their true situation, or who expected to sell them to other persons at a large profit.

Johnsonsportnearly opposite the mouth of the Missouri, in Madison county, contains a large ware house, formerly owned by Col. Johnson, and two or three dwelling houses. At present it is merely a stopping place for the boats bound to the northern part of this state. Jonesborougha flourishing post town, and the seat of justice of Union county, incorporated inunder the government of five trustees. The limits of the incorporation include the whole of section It is situated on one of the brans of Clear creek, and contains about 40 or 50 houses.

A great proportion of the inhabitants are Germans, who, by their industry, have contributed much to the improvement of the settlement. They chiefly belong to the religious sect called Dunkards.

Jonesborough is 28 miles north of the town of America, from which a post road has been established, by an act of congress.

Jortue rivera considerable stream in the northeastern part of the state, running a serpentine course for a considerable distance east, and emptying into the Wabash between Vincennes and Fort Harrison. I have noticed this stream on the authority of several authors, although it is not mentioned in the survey of the boundary line between Illinois and Indiana, which it must cross, if the above description is at all correct.

Kaskaskiaan incorporated post town, and the seat of justice of Randolph county, and formerly the capital of the state. It is situated on the right bank of the river of the same name, seven miles above its junction with the Mississippi, from which it is about three miles east, it is near the southern extremity of the American bottom.

The first settlement made here was by the French of Canada, shortly after the visit of La Salle in ; and so long as the French continued in possession of the Illinois country, Kaskaskia was its capital and was flourishing and populous. When Charlevoix visited it init contained a Jesuit college, the ruins of which only remain. Inthis place, as well as the country east of the Mississippi, was ceded by France to Great Britain. Init contained about families, which number it retained until the revolutinary war.

Inthe fort situated on the east side of the Kaskaskia river, was taken by Col. George Rogers Clarke. The slave holders were disposed to preserve this species of property, and in order to do it effectually, they abandoned their ancient habitations, and joined their friends in the new dominions of Spain, on the west side of the Mississippi.

At present this place contains upwards of houses. They are scattered over an extensive plain; and the greatest proportion are built of wood, in the French style. Many or them have fine gardens in front and rear, which give them a rural appearance. Here is a Catholic church, a court house and jail, and a land-office for the sale of public lands in this district. A bridge is about to be erected across the Kaskaskia river, under the authority of an act of the legislature.

This will be of immense advantage to the town and surrounding country. On the east side of the river, directly opposite the town, the bluffs approach the river, and continue parallel with it to its junction with the Mississippi, when they billow the course of that stream, in a southerly direction, and terminate thirty-five miles above the mouth of the Ohio, forming the southern boundary of the highlands on the Mississippi.

It abounds in wild horses, numbers of which are annually caught. By an act of congress, passed ina large tract of land was granted to the different French villages on the east side of the Mississippi, and a separate tract to the inhabitants of Kaskaskia, to be used as a common. It is situated on the Mississippi, and contains twenty thousand acres. It is under the direction of the trustees of the town, in conformity with the special acts of the legislature. Kaskaskia reservationa tract of land containing about acres, situated on Big Muddy river, in township 9 south, in range 8, west of the third principal meridian.

This is all that at present belongs to the Kaskaskia Indians, who, but a few years ago possessed nearly the whole state of Illinois. Should the land become available, it is not probable that they will continue to keep possession even of this small tract. Kaskaskia rivera large stream, rising in the northeastern part of the state, near the head waters of the Embarras and Little Wabash rivers, and running in a southwestern direction through the state, empties into the Mississippi on the left side, in sections 14 and 15, of township 9 south, in range 7 west of the third principal meridian, about miles above the mouth of the Ohio.

It is upwards of miles in length, and receives numerous tributaries. This river is navigable in high water to Vandalia, miles from its north. Its banks, and those of its tributaries, are generally fertile, and contain some of the rist and most flourishing settlements in the state. The country is generally undulating, and is well adapted to the cultivation of corn, wheat, rye, oats and tobacco. Cotton is not a sure crop, on account of the early frosts.

With care and attention, a sufficient quantity is raised for home consumption, and it may in time become an article of export. The Kaskaskia is about yards wide at its mouth. The left bank is high, and affords a fine situation for a town; but in many places the banks of this stream are low, and subject to inundation, which is a fruitful source of disease. It is 68 miles north of Edwardsville, on the main road between that place and Fort Clark.

Kickapoo, or Redbud creeka small stream of Pike county, running a south and southeast course, and emptying into the Illinois river on the right side, two miles below Fort Clark. On the banks of this stream is an extensive bed of coal, which furnished fuel to the garrison and the inhabitants of Peoria. The stratum is about 12 or 14 feet below the surface, and is overlaid by slate, limestone and sandstone. There are also several valuable mill-seats on this stream. Lawrencevillethe county seat of Lawrence, situated on the west bank of Embarras river, about ten miles west of Vincennes, on the direct road to Vandalia, in the centre of a fertile and thickly settled country.

The Embarras is navigable to this place. Lebanona flourishing post town of St. Clair county, situated on the west bank of Silver creek, in section 24 of township 2 north, in range 7, west of the 3d principal meridian - about 20 miles east of St.

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Louis, on the direct road from Vincennes to that place. The town is located on the ridge of a small prairie; the streets cross each other at right angles, and are from 60 to 75 feet wide.

This place, although as yet small, promises to become a considerable inland town. The situation is very pleasant and healthy, and has many local advantages. There are a number of mills of different descriptions in the vicinity, and the country generally is rapidly increasing in population.

Lick creeka small stream, emptying into the Kaskaskia river on the left side, a short distance above the mouth of Sugar creek. It heads in the Grand Prairie, and receives its name from the number of salt-licks on its banks. The lands on this stream are generally well timbered; the soil is what is called by the surveyors, second rate.

Little Beaucoup creeka small branch of Big Beaucoup, running through Randolph and Jackson counties. Little Kalimick rivera small stream of Clark county; runs a north course, and falls into Lake Michigan some distance west of Grand Kalimick. The lands between these two streams are very low; and during the prevalence of north winds, they form a junction, which affords a navigation for small boats. About Ottawa Indians reside on the banks of these streams.

Little Michillimacinaca navigable stream of Sangamon. It runs in a westerly direction through the county, and empties into the Illinois on the east side, twelve miles below Fort Clark. Its head waters interlock with those of the Kaskaskia.

Little Muddy creeka small stream in the southern part of the state, running a southern direction, and emptying into Big Muddy on the right side, in section 13 of township 8 south, in range 1, west of the 3d principal meridian. Little Piasaua small creek, running a westerly course through Madison county, and emptying into the Mississippi on the left side, near Fountain ferry.

Little Prairieis situated on the east side of Illinois river, opposite Fort Clark. It contains a fine settlement. The soil of the prairie is very fertile, being a rich vegetable mould - having been under cultivation many years since, by the inhabitants of Peoria. Corn was raised here, during the last season, without the use of a plough. Little Vermilion rivera small stream, running a southeast course through Clark county, and emptying into the Wabash below Big Vermilion river.

It crosses the eastern boundary line of the state 85 miles north of Vincennes, at which place it is miles in width. Little Wabash riverrises near the head waters of the Kaskaskia, and running a southern course through the counties of Clark, Fayette, Crawford, Lawrence, Wayne, Edwards, White and Gallatin, empties into the Big Wabash, a short distance above its junction with the Ohio.

It is about miles in length, and receives many tributaries, of which West and Skillet forks are the most considerable. The banks of this stream are in general fertile, but in many places subject to excessive inundations.

This is particularly the case with the country between it and the Skillet fork. In many places it is flat and swampy, so that the water remains upon it during the whole season. In the autumn this stream is very sluggish, and has a very scanty supply of water.

A company has been incorporated by the legislature of the state, called the Little Wabash navigation company, for the purpose of erecting a toll bridge across it at the town of Carmi.

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Madisona town in Madison county, laid out inon a high prairie, in the centre of the Marine settlement. Mantuaa town in Hamilton county, situated on a branch of Saline creek, in sections 12 and 18 of township 6 south, in range 7, east of the 3d principal meridian.

Ma-qua-pin creeka small stream, running a westerly course through Greene County, and emptying into the Illinois on the left side,twenty-six miles above its junction with the Mississippi. It received its name from certain roots, so called, found on the banks, which if eaten raw, are rank poison; but boiled for five or six days or longer, lose their noxious qualities.

The country on the banks of this stream is fertile, and rapidly increasing in population. The creek is 25 yards wide at its mouth, which is in section 24, of township 8 north, in range 14, west of the 3d principal meridian, and is boatable for a short distance. Iron ore has been found on the head waters. Marais Casuan inconsiderable stream in the northern part of the state.

3/18/  The Early African American Population of Springfield, Illinois , Richard E. Hart. History of Sangamon County, Illinois, Together with Skets of Its Cities, Villages and Townships, anonymous, Inter-State Publishing Co., ; pp. & Erastus Wright Manuscript File, Manuscript Division, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. 8/31/  The display features some very rare and special books dating from the 15th to the 20th centuries. Printed in Shawneetown, it dates to dean of Library Affairs. The exhibit also includes a history of illustration techniques, a timeline of Illinois printing and details about printing technology, including examples of printing press. Illinois Historical Maps and Atlases. The state of Illinois collection contains 3, atlases spanning years of growth and development ( through ).Within the atlases are , historical maps, illustrations, and histories many of which contain family names ideal for genealogical research. Others are rare antique maps, part of the collection by an exclusive arrangement with the.

It runs a westerly course, and empties into the Mississippi, 20 miles above the mouth of Rock river, nearly opposite the mouth of Swan river, at which place is an Indian village. Marais de Proulxa considerable stream, running a southeasterly course through the northern part of the state, and emptying into the Illinois on the right side, near the northeastern boundary of the military tract.

In wet seasons, there is a communication formed between this stream and Rock river, which is navigable for boats of considerable barthen. Marine settlementa very flourishing settlement of Madison county. It is situated on a beautiful prairie, near a branch of Silver creek, in township 4 north, in range 6, west of the third principal meridian.

The settlement was commenced inby Capts. Blakeman and Allen, and is now one of the most flourishing in the state, it is healthy and well watered; the lands are gently undulating, and the soil very fertile.

See a report of the Illinois agricultural society, in the description of Madison county. Marine settlement is about 12 miles east of Edwardsville, on the mail route between St.

Louis and Vandalia. It has several tributaries. Mascontin rivera stream of the northern part of the state, running in an eastern course, and emptying into the Wabash on the west side between Vincennes and Fort Harrison.

Mauvaise Terre creekcalled by traders, Negro Creek. At present, it is only navigable for a short distance, owing to the quantity of timber with which it is obstructed. The banks of this stream are generally fertile. About 20 miles above its mouth, is Diamond Grove, which has already become a considerable settlement.

There is also another within a mile of the Illinois. The beautiful prairie which is called the Mauvaise terre extends for some distance on both sides of the creek. It is several feet above high water mark, and has been considered an eligible situation for a town. The only objection to it is the ponds under the bluff. The French, who first visited this country, supposed from its appearance, that the soil was poor, and as this was uncommon on this river, they gave it, as they thought, an appropriate name.

Nothing can exceed its beautiful appearance in the spring. Meahkaninona creek of Bond county, emptying into the Kaskaskia river, on the right side above Fort River. Melwakee riverruns in a northern direction through the northeastern part of the state, and empties into Lake Michigan, in lat. Father Hennepin calls it Melleoki, and observes that Maskontins and Outtonagamies resided on its banks.

It heads in township 8 south, in range 6, west of the fourth principal meridian, and running in a southerly direction, empties into nail Ecarte, in section 29, of township 4 south, in range, 7 west of the fourth principal meridian.

The lands at the mouth of this stream are reported, by the surveyors, as first rate. McDonald creeka small stream of Clark county, rises in the state of Indiana, and running an east-northeast course, empties into Canawaga or Iroquois river. It crosses the eastern boundary line of Illinois, miles north of Vincennes.

The lands on the banks of this stream are high and undulating. It rises in township 1 south, in range 7, west of the fourth principal meridian, and running an east and southeast course, empties into the Illinois river, ninety miles above its junction with the Mississippi, in section 26, of township 3 south, in range 2 west, of the fourth principal meridian.

It is about 30 miles in length, and the lands bordering on it are generally of the first quality. McLeansboroughthe seat of justice of Hamilton county, laid out in Michillimacinac riversee Little Michillimacinac. Military Bounty Tract. Having given a general description of the lands in this tract under the head of Pike county. Miltona town in Madison counly, situated on Wood river, three miles from its mouth, and one and a half southeast of Alton. It contains 3O or 40 houses; but a large mil1-pond in the centre of the town has rendered it unhealthy, and prevented its increase.

In the vicinity are a number of mills aud distilleries. Mill creeka small stream, running a southwest course through the southwestern part of Pike county, and emptying into the Mississippi in section 12 of township 3 south, in range 9, west of the fourth principal meridian.

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Its banks are low, and abound with ponds. Monk moun situated on the American bottom, eight miles north-northeast from St. Its shape is that of a parallelogram, extending from north to south. On the south side there is a broad apron or step, about half way down; and from this another projection into the plain, about 15 feet wide, which was probably intended as an ascent to the mound. The circumference of the base of the mound is about yards, and its height about 90 feet.

The step or apron was formerly used as a kitn garden by the monks of La Trappe settled near this, and the top was sowed with wheat. Nearly west is another mound of smaller size, and thirty others are scattered through the plain. Two also are seen on the b1uffs, three miles distant.

Several of them are of a conical form. There are also a great number of small elevations of earth, which rise to the height of a few feet, at regular distances from each other, and which appear to observe some order.

Near them are found pieces of flint, and fragments of earthen vessels, and frequently human bones. The mound received its name from having been for some time the residence of the monks of La Trappe.

It was founded inby Botrou, count of Per. This monastery had fallen into decay, and its discipline much relaxed, when reformed by the Abbe Rance in Rance had met with some misfortune which is rendered life hateful to him - some assert the sudden death of Madame Montbazon, whose favourite lover he had been. He had been a man of fashion, and possessed of some pretensions to literature; he is said to have translated the poems of Anacreon. Into this monastery, whither he came, he commenced a reform of the most savage austerity.

The vow was perpetual silence; the miserable Trappist denied himself during his existence, every comfort of life. He laid himself on a stone, and was frequently called in the dead of night to his devotions.

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His food was bread and water, and this but once in 24 hours. Each day he was to remove from his intended grave one spadeful of earth, in order to keep ever present to his mind that he must soon cease to be of this world.

Louis, and from thence to the place above described. By their industry, they here raised a sufficiency for their own support. Their number gradually increased, and at one time amounted to eighty, including boys. Upon the accession of Louis 18th to the throne of France, they returned to their native country. Nothing now remains, except the ruins of their former habitations.

Monroea town in Pike county, laid out in It is situated on the first high ground above the junction of the Illinois and Mississippi rivers on the borders of a prairie about one mile in width, and within half a mile of a good steam boat landing. In the vicinity, are several good stone quarries, good timber, and many fine springs of water.

Within half a mile of the town is a good mill seat. From the town to the river, there is a gradual descent. The situation of this p1ace, near the confluence of three of the largest streams in the western country, must secure to it important commercial advantages. Monroe is situated in section 25, of township 12 south, in range 2, west of the fourth principal meridian, 30 miles northwest of St.

Louis, and 10 from St. Mound Prairieis situated in Madison county, ten miles southeast of the junction of the Illinois with the Mississippi and contains a flourishing settlement. The prairie is from four to six miles in length, surrounded by a thick growth of timber. The soil is of the best quality, and the surface is undulating, presenting the most eligible situation to the agriculturalist.

Mount Carmela post town in Edwards county, situated on the west side of the Wabash, nearly opposite the mouth of White river, in section 20, of township 1 south, in range 12, west of the 2d principal meridian. Mount Jolieta mound situated on the west bank of Riviere des Plaines, about 16 or 18 miles above its junction with the Kankakee. It is 3 or yards in length, north and south, and 2 or in breadth, east and west.

It is in the form of a pyramid, and is evidently the work of art. From the river, it appears nearly square. The companions of Joliet, who visited this country ingave it this name. It is about miles above Fort Clark. Mount Pleasanta small settlement, one mile southwest of Carralton, the seat of justice in Greene county. Its inhabitants consist principally of persons from the eastern states.

Mount Vernona post town, and the county seat of Jefferson, situated in section 29, of township 2 south, in range 3 east of the third principal meridian. Mowawequa creeksouthfork of Sangamo, a small stream running a northwesterly course, and emptying into the Sangamo river on the left side, a short distance above Brush creek. Mud creeka small stream running, a northwesterly course through the counties of Washington and St. Clair, and emptying into the Kaskaskia on the left side, 40 miles above its mouth, in township 2 south, in range 6, west of the third principal meridian.

Muddy salinesituated on the Muddy river near Brownsville, the county seat of Jackson. It is owned, and has been leased by the state to different individuals. Otter creeka small but beautiful stream of Greene county, running in a westerly direction, and emptying into the Illinois about 18 miles above its junction with the Mississippi, in section 6, of township 7 north, in range 13, west of the third principal meridian opposite section 23, of township 11 south, in range 2, west of the 4th principal meridian.

Otter creeka stream of Pike county, rises in township 4 north, in range 1, east of the 4th principal meridian and running a southeast course, empties into the Illinois, miles above its mouth, in section 22, of township 3 north, in rauge 3, east of the fourth principal meridian. In high water it is navigable for a short distance, but is much obstructed with drift wood. On the banks of this stream, are several advantageous situations for settlement. There is a mill seat about 10 miles from its mouth.

The lands in this vicinity are first rate, and contain a sufficient quantity of timber for the supply of a saw-mill. Lumber might be sent down the Illinois to St.

Louis, where it generally commands a good price. Coal is found in abundance on the banks of this stream. Oxfor a post town in Hamilton county, situated in section 22, of township 3 south, in range 5, east of the third principal meridian.

Ovi a town in Jackson county, laid out in It is situated eight miles east of the Mississippi river, near the line which divides Jackson and Union counties. Louis, passes through this place. It is 15 miles south of Brownsville, and about the same distance nearly north of Jonesborough. The lands in the vicinity, are of a very good quality, and mill seats are numerous within a few miles of the place.

Palestinea post town, and the county seat of Crawford, situated three miles west of the Wabash river, in sections 33 and 34 of township 7 north, in range 11, west of the second principal meridian, 25 miles north of Vincennes. Palmyraa post town, and formerly the county seat of Edwards. It is situated on the west side of the Wabash, in section 31, of township 1 south, in range 12, west of the 2d principal meridian, 20 miles southwest of Vincennes.

It is considered very unhealthy, and on this account the county seat was removed to Albion. Peoriaa small settlement in Pike county, situated on the west bank of the Illinois river, about miles above its junction with the Mississippi. This village had been inhabited by the French previous to the recollection of any of the present generation. About the year orthe first house was built in what was then called La Ville de Maillet, afterwards the new village of Peoria, and which has recently been known by the name of Fort Clark, situated about one mile and a half below the old village, immediately at the lower point or outlet of the lake.

The situation being preferred in consequence of the water being better, and its being thought more healthy, the inhabitants gradually deserted the old village, and by the year orhad entirely abandoned it, and removed to the new village. The inhabitants of Peoria consisted generally of Indian traders, hunters and voyageurs, and had long formed a link of connection between the French residing on the waters of the great lakes, and the Mississippi river. From that happy facility of adapting themselves to their situation and associates, for which the French are so remarkable, the inhabitants of Peoria lived generally in harmony with their savage neighbours.

It appears, however, that about the yearthey were induced to abandon the village, from the apprehension of Indian hostility; but soon after the peace ofthey again returned, and continued to reside there until the autumn ofwhen they were forcibly removed from it, and the place destroyed by a Captain Craig, of the Illinois militia, on the ground, as it was said, that his company of militia were fired on in the night, while at anchor in their boats before the village, by Indians, with whom the inhabitants were suspected by Craig to be too intimate and friendly.

The poor inhabitants, being thus deprived of shelter, fled for refuge to the different villages on the Mississippi. George Rogers Clark. General Howard, with his mounted rangers, ascended the Mississippi as high as Two Rivers, and then crossed over to the Illinois. By this judicious plan, the whole frontier was swept of the enemy, who was continually harassing them. On the 29th of September, the general arrived at Fort Clark.

The Indians had attacked it two days before; but Lieut. Nicholas, who commanded, gave them so warm a reception that they soon retired. The general immediately made arrangements, and mard the next morning to attack it. When he arrived, he found the enemy had taken water and ascended the Illinois. He burnt the village, and two others, and remained in the vicinity for two nights. He then mard back to Peoria, to assist the regu1ars in building Fort Clark, which had been commenced and christened previous to his arrival.

With considerable labour, they cut and hauled the necessary timber across the lake, and the fort was in a complete state of defence in twelve days. While they were engaged about the fort, Majors Christy and Boone were detad on separate commands. Both these officers returned in five or six days, and reported that the enemy had fled at all points.

Soon after this the weather became cold, and as no provision had been made for a winter campaign. Howard determined on returning; and accordingly took up his line of march on the 15th of October, leaving a small garrison in the fort. About the termination of the war, Fort Clark was abandoned by the Americans and a short time afterwards, it was burnt by the Indians, as they assert, through the instigation of the traders.

1/15/  Illinois Women: Born to Serve. Illinos Federation of Women's Clubs. Lawler, Lucille. Amazing Shawneetown. Ridgeway, Illinois. Contributing Library: John A. Logan College. Bessie Coleman Bessie Coleman was born in in Texas, the daughter of sharecroppers. About , her family moved to Chicago. 6/8/  Albion - A post town, the capital of Edwards county, situated on section 2, of township 2 south, in range 10, east of the third principal meridian, 40 miles southwest of Vincennes, and southeast of Vandalia. It was laid out 3 years since by Messrs. Birbeck and Flowers, and is principally inhabited by English emigrants. It contains 4 or 5 stores, a market, a mill, and a population of. Mounds Il History.

A settlement has been recommenced near its ruins. The situation of this place is beautiful beyond description. From the mouth of the Kickapoo or Redbud creek, which empties into the Illinois two miles below the old fort, the alluvion is a prairie, which strets itself along the river in a northwesterly direction three or four miles. The shore is chiefly made up of rounded pebbles, and is filled with springs of the finest water.

The first bank, which is from six to twelve feet above high water mark, extends west about a quarter of a mile from the river, gradually ascending; when it rises five or six feet to the second bank. This extends nearly on a level to the bluffs, which are from 60 to feet in height.

These bluffs consist of rounded pebbles overlaying strata of limestone and sandstone, rounded at the top, and corresponding in their course with the meanders of the river and lake.

The ascent, although steep, is not perpendicular. On the bluffs the surface again becomes level, and is beautifully interspersed with prairie and woodland.

From the b1uffs the prospect is uncommonly fine. Looking towards the east, you first behold an extensive prairie, which in spring and summer is covered with grass, with whose green the brilliant hues of a thousand flowers form the most lively contrast. Beyond this, the lake, clear and calm, may be seen emptying itself into, or by its contraction forming the river, whose meanders, only hid from the view by the beautiful groves of timber which here and there arise, can be traced to the utmost extent of vision.

From the preceding description, it may be inferred that this section of country is not very rich in minerals. Coal, however, is abundant on the banks of Kickapoo creek, about one mile above its mouth. It was first discovered by the soldiers stationed at the fort, and being of a good quality, was used by them for fuel.

Steatite is found on the banks of Lake Peoria, a few miles above the fort, and is wrought by the natives in to pipes and other utensils. It is of a dark gteen colour, and hardens on exposure. It is probable that copper exists in this vicinity; for a grant made by the king of France to M.

Renault, at the old villaqe of Peoria, embraces a copper mine. The Indians frequently exhibit specimens of copper to the traders, but are willing to give their loyalty.

Those which I have seen are native, in the form of rounded malleable masses. It weighs about two pounds, and is similar to that found on Lake Superior, of which the following description was given at the mint of Utrecht in the Netherlands, at the request of Dr. The melting was, however, not an operation of art, but a natural effect caused by a volcanic eruption.

Chicago had home field advantage over the Astros and the two teams will never meet again in the World Series-Houston moved to the American League in It was Chicago's 3rd World Series Championship and their first in 88 years.

The all but forgotten order expelled the Mormon Church from the State of Missouri. In less than 10 years, they were on the move again following the murder of Joseph and Hyrum Smith-this time to Utah.

Just over four years later the 3rd worst coal mine disaster in the U. She is a 13th Virginia Class nuclear submarine and is only the second Navy ship to carry the name since a battleship so named was commissioned in First Lady Mille Obama was present as the ship's sponsor.

Some 20 million people had visited the "White City" to celebrate the th anniversary of Columbus discovering the Americas. State government will meet here until Woese and scientists from the University of Illinois announce the identification of methanogens, a form of microbial life Archaea dating back some 3.

Lovejoy, editor of the abolitionist newspaper, the Alton Observe ris killed by a mob in Alton. Its origin was later determined to be in the Southern Illinois Basin.

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Determining its cause, scientists discovered and named the Cottage Grove Fault Zone. It was felt as far north as Chicago. Fell is born in southeastern Pennsylvania. He was also the driving force behind the foundation of the state's oldest public university, Illinois State Normal University.

He was a close acquaintance of Abraham Lincoln as well. Charlie Birger ordered an attack on a Shelton associate's home. The Sheltons quickly retaliated by hiring a barnstorming pilot to bomb the Birger hideout, the Shady Rest, some 10 miles east of Marion. The bombardier tossed three homemade dynamite bombs, only one of which exploded to no strategic effect. Birger men sprayed the sky with submachine-gun fire, missing the plane.

A burning torch ignited hay for the coal mine's mules, touching off an explosion that killed of the men and boys working in the coal mine. The official name of the organization adopted at that meeting was "Illinois Commercial Secretaries Association. A freshman from Dixon, Ronald "Dutch" Reagan, gave a pro-strike speech, persuading the student body to carry out a 5-day strike later in the month.

It was the reaction to this speech that made young Reagan realize his power to sway people with his speech. Ewing is inaugurated Governor to complete the unexpired term of John Reynolds. He served three terms as State Auditor and one term as Secretary of State This battleship ship was laid down in and continued in service under the name Illinois until She was renamed the Prairie State and served on loan to the state of New York as a floating armory for the Naval Reserve Unit there until He was inducted into the football Hall of Fame January 29, Louis, Belleville and Lebanon, stopping at the "Looking Glass Prairie," which his father had visited in Taylorville won One notable result of this game led to the establishment of rules disallowing college players from participating in professional sports.

The men are sentenced to death and the women to fine and imprisonment. It had previously been incorporated February 17, The Library pre-dated the University.

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Navy game, which resulted in a tie at It was also the day the field was officially dedicated as Soldier Field. Robert Sherwood's script first played on Broadway in the s and the film version directed by John Cromwell was released in Raymond Massey's performance was well-received by the critics, but the film flopped at the box office.

One month later, he died at Astor House in New York. Like his brother Francis, this son of the famous author is buried in the U. Prior to his arrival in the state inthe Virginia planter freed his nineteen slaves midway across the Ohio River into the Northwest Territory.

Coles had once served as secretary to President James Madison. He later wrote a history of the state's early years from tothe year of statehood.

It was published in He was a Ranger during the War of and was instrumental in the founding of Greene County, serving as its first Sheriff. He is buried in Carrolton City Cemetery. He is remembered for his role in the murder of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, after he encouraged them to face their accusers in Hancock County and then abandoned them to their fate. Two of his sons were lynd under mysterious circumstances in Kansas in the s.

French is inaugurated as Governor, distinguished as the last Governor to assume office in December. Following the adoption of the state's 2nd Constitution interms of office would begin in January following the election year. By tradition its name is an Algonquian term for "where the waters meet," likely referring to the convergence of the Du Page and Des Plaines Rivers. It would be almost 50 years before the state would adopt a new Constitution. By the time his younger brother Jerry is born in July,the family has relocated to Danville.

The town's origins lie with the development of railroad lines in the area. These railroads were built in part on 80 acres of land donated by the Mathias Chrisman family. The township then quickly built up around the intersection. Among those recording their observations of this powerful earthquake felt as far away as Cincinnati, Ohio, and Charleston, South Carolina, is future Governor John Reynolds who notes in his autobiography that the church bell in Cahokia sounded and many chimneys in the American Bottom tumbled down.

It was first incorporated April 15, The Bubble burst inbankrupting investors who were convinced to look for minerals in an area where the real wealth lay in the fur trade and agricultural development in the area. Basketball in Illinois was first popular as a girls sport and they did not play with rules modified for girls.

This would eventually lead to their undoing, forcing them out of the sport in Many Midwestern place names recognize the feats related by Weems in his work.

Cattle stampeded for the woods and were not found for 3 days during the "Sudden Freeze. The Fighting Illini defeated the Tigersand would repeat this win with this score the following year.

Beginning inthe rivalry known as the "Braggin' Rights" was officially instituted, held in St.

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Louis, every year since except for By the time the blaze was extinguished at am on December 23, 50 engine companies and seven hook and ladder companies had been called to the scene. Twenty-one firemen, including Fire Chief James Horan, and 3 civilians were killed when a blazing building they were in collapsed. Abraham Lincoln greatly admired him and he was a family friend of Mary Todd Lincoln.

Strong winds drifted the snow as high as a person could see, with settlers and animals perishing in the event early settlers recalled as the "Deep Snow. Dishes fit in compartments in a wheel that turned inside a copper boiler. Her company eventually becomes KitnAid.

She and mechanic George Butters constructed the prototype together. Josephine's invention was exhibited at the World's Columbian Exposition and she was posthumously inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame in The coverage of the game was blacked out locally and some 26, fans watd in warm comfort at McCormick Place, the Amphitheatre, and the Coliseum on closed-circuit television.

Game time temperature at Wrigley was 9 degrees Fahrenheit. It was the deadliest theater fire in U. Senator from Georgia who served in President James Madison's Cabinet as secretary of war and secretary of treasury. A cent postage stamp honoring U. Gwendolyn Brooks is named poet laureate of Illinois, a title she held until her death in Charles S.

John M. Governor Len Small begins his second term, in spite of editorials calling him "the worst governor Illinois ever had. Richard J. Louis L. Second session of the First General Assembly convenes at Kaskaskia.

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Kaskaskia Island, site of the state's first capital, is declared to be part of Illinois by the U. William Wrigley is born in Chicago to Philip K. Charles Dickens lands in Boston, Massachusetts, to begin his lecture tour of the U. John Belushi is born in Chicago.

Al Capone dies in Florida. A historic snowstorm occurs in Chicago, dumping 23" on the Windy City.

Ghosts of Old Shawneetown Illinois

Lettering in football is established by the University of Chicago when senior members of the team receive blankets with the letter "C" on them. Governor Rod Blagojevich is removed from office following a unanimous vote by the Illinois Senate, following a historic impeachment vote by the House.

These Are My Children airs in Chicago for the first time, marking the debut of daytime soap operas. Illinois becomes the first state of the Union to ratify the 13th Amendment, outlawing slavery in the United States. Architect C. Congress formally establishes the Illinois Territory, taking in area that now includes Illinois and Wisconsin.

The Riverboat Gambling Law goes into effect. William D. A charter is granted to the Illinois Central Railroad. Charles Lindbergh flies into Springfield to meet with postmaster William H. George Washington Gale Ferris is born in Galesburg. Abraham Lincoln finishes his survey of the town of Petersburg, which succeeded the town known as New Salem. Five of the celebrated "Chicago Seven" defendants are found guilty of crossing state lines to incite a riot. Fire destroys the Illinois State Arsenal in Springfield and the state's files stored there.

An act is passed by the Illinois General Assembly allowing married women to own and sell their own property. Robert Wadlow is born in Alton, Illinois.

Iroquois County is established, named for the Native American tribe involved in notable encounters with the Illinois tribe in the lateth century. An Internal Improvement Act is passed by the General Assembly calling for a statewide program of public works, including roads, railroads, and navigation of waterways, at state expense.

Antioch's incorporation as a village in Lake County is recorded. Virginia relinquishes its claim to "Illinois County" to the United States Government, paving the way for territory to become part of the Northwest Territory some three years later. Second Illinois constitution is adopted, granting more power to the governor and making all state and county offices subject to popular vote. US Supreme Court issues the Dred Scott decision, affirming the right of slave-owners to take their slaves into western territories.

Avon in Fulton County is incorporated as a village. A direct primary law is passed by the General Assembly, after three previous attempts were declared unconstitutional by the Illinois Supreme Court. Ground is broken for the construction of the new capitol building in Springfield, on the site once known as the Mathers block. Twin tornadoes touch down in Springfield, causing extensive damage to businesses and homes, but no lives are lost.

Ninian W. Seventeen people are reported killed and people hurt in one of the most violent tornadoes to strike central Illinois. The first mass at St. Eight police officers and eight demonstrators are indicted on federal criminal charges by a federal grand jury stemming from disturbances during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in the summer of John Wood succeeds Governor William H. Illinois passes the first law in the country prohibiting discrimination in employment because of gender.

Peoria County representative Samuel Caldwell introduces a bill to provide for public support of libraries. An act is passed by the Illinois General Assembly allowing a married woman to receive, use, and possess her own earnings. Centralia Coal Mine No. More than 5 ins of rain in 12 hours soaks Marion and leads to flash flooding in the city, inundating some areas in more than 6 feet of water. Rioting between supporters of the Union cause and local Copperheads aka, Peace Democrats occurs in Charleston.

Bedford Park in Cook County is incorporated as a village. Beginning at midnight, a mixture of snow, sleet and rain accompanied by lightning and thunder, falls on Chicago, leaving 11" at O'Hare and 9. Mine explosion at Joseph Leiter's coal mine in Zeigler kills 49 miners. Canton's incorporation as a city in Fulton County is recorded. Ellen Martin of Lombard votes in the municipal election after discovering the town charter describes voters as citizens. Greenfield's incorporation as a city in Greene County is recorded.

Charles Lindbergh returns to Springfield to test time sdule for air mail delivery and to secure permission to land on William Bosa's farm, 4 miles west of Springfield on Jefferson Road. Labor unrest in Pana erupts into a gun battle following coal mine owners' recruitment of African American coal miners from Alabama to work as "scabs" in area mines.

Free employment offices are established in cities with more than 50, citizens by the General Assembly. An early version of the device known now as a polygraph is tested on Norman J. Nine wagons carrying 15 men, 8 women, and 16 children depart from Springfield for California. An indignation meeting is organized in Bloomington on the courthouse square by local ministers.

Illinois Enabling Act is passed in Congress, providing for the organization of a state government, establishing the northern boundary of Illinois, and establishing a permanent school fund from a portion of public land sales proceeds. Annie Louise Keller is killed by a tornado that ravaged rural Greene County. An F4 tornado occurs at pm in Wabash County, near Mt. Ninian Edwards of Kentucky is appointed the first territorial governor of the Illinois Territory.

Chicago's first Woman's World's Fair closes its successful eight-day pageant, which had been opened on April 18th by President Calvin Coolidge over the radio.

Jamestown, Virginia, celebrates its 3rd century. Worlds Columbian Exposition opens in Chicago, commemorating the th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of America. The top of the Sears Tower is completed at 1,', making it the world's tallest building at the time. Haymarket Riot results when a bomb is thrown at a squad of policemen breaking up a labor rally demonstration in Chicago. Edinburg in Christian County is incorporated as a village. The Effie Afton steamboat collides with the Rock Island Railroad Bridge on the Mississippi River, resulting in a lawsuit involving Abraham Lincoln as a defense attorney for the bridge company.

Legislation creating the Indiana Territory, including Illinois, is approved by the U.

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Amboy's incorporation as a city in Lee County is recorded. John Wayne Gacy is executed for murdering 33 young men and boys. Belleville's incorporation as a city in St. Distribution of a diphtheria antitoxin by the State Board of Health is authorized. Illinois becomes the 1st state in the nation to establish an 8-hour work day and hour work week for children under an improved law for the regulation of child labor.

A local option law regulating the consumption of alcoholic beverages is passed by the General Assembly. Illinois becomes a territory of the second grade, with suffrage for all white males over 21 who are taxpayers and have lived in the territory for 1 year.

Jane Addams dies at the age of 74, in Chicago, Illinois. Team rosters are announced for the season of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League after some 10 days of try-outs organized by Philip K. A Century of Progress International Exposition opens in Chicago to celebrate the th anniversary of the city.

An Illinois Central Railroad relief train rushes through central Illinois shortly after a devastating tornado struck Coles County. Bloomington is the site of the first Illinois Republican State Convention. A fire occurs in the Williamson County courthouse resulting in the destruction of many county records. Alexis is established as a village in Mercer and Warren Counties. Bartonville in Peoria County is incorporated as a village.

Cardinals are designated the official state bird. Illinois becomes the first state in the nation to pass "mothers' aid" legislation, providing a fund for the care of dependent and neglected children. Ladd in Bureau County is incorporated as a village. At the first annual meeting of the Chicago Historical Society, it is reported that the Society held 3, bound volumes, yearly files of newspapers, 4, public documents, reports of institutions and similar pamphlets and broadsides, charts in bound volumes and single sheets, and 9, manuscripts.

The Starved Rock State Park Bill becomes law, and the park is transferred to state control by year's end. Captain Francis Jeffrey Dickens, 3rd son of Charles Dickens, dies in Moline, where he had been invited to speak about his father as the guest of Dr.

Fieldon's incorporation as a village in Jersey County is recorded. The first successful Reapportionment Act since creates 58 Senate districts and 59 House districts that will be reapportioned following each decennial census.

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Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon church, delivers his last public sermon. Adlai E. The second day of violence wraps up in the "Herrin Massacre," during a general coal strike. Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church, is murdered by a mob while being held in the Carthage jail.

Crainville in Williamson County is incorporated as a village. A motor fuel tax of 2 cents a gallon is established to support the construction and repair of roads and bridges. Unemployment compensation act is passed by the General Assembly.

Illinois native Ernest Hemingway dies by suicide at his home in Idaho. DeWitt in DeWitt County is incorporated as a village. George Rogers Clark and about men defeat the British at Kaskaskia and Illinois is organized as a county of Virginia.

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Birds in Lawrence County is incorporated as a village, named after the landowner of the site, John Bird. Illinois adopts its first state flag, with a modified version including the word "Illinois" being adopted July 1,

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